Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why not just natural grain?

It wasn't long after I'd made a few pens that I wanted to try something different. Don't get me wrong. I love natural grain. You can get lost and meditate in the natural beauty of nice wood grain.

Hanging out in the woodshop, seeing some of the work of more experienced craftsmen, I started wondering how difficult some of these patterns could be. There were checker boards and Celtic knots and all sorts of shapes and colors. So with a little advice and a lot of naiveté, I started experimenting with some cuts.

The first revelation was in thinking 3-D. What I thought would be a zig-zag turned out to be ovals because it was hard at first to think through the vaguely cylindrical shape. Sometimes an experiment gone awry turned up in a later pen.

Regardless, I really learned to appreciate the beauty of the marriage of natural grain and intricate design. While I still make some natural grain pens, I like to specialize in creating art from nature. I hope you like them.

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