Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to the Hope And Grace Pens web log!

Handcrafted pens have been my hobby and passion for almost a year now. Lots of folks are dazzled by the stunning designs of Hope and Grace Pens and have lots of questions. Hopefully I can tell you about my craft and the care and dedication that go into each pen.

You'll see pictures of your favorites and maybe a little blurb about how it was made or the inspiration behind it. I've also got more ideas than I have time to create, so there's no foreseen end to new designs. There might be some sketches of past or upcoming designs. Plus, I like a challenge. So if you are inspired by something you see, let me know.

You'll also find some items on here that don't make it onto my Etsy and Articents stores ( and Many of these are custom-made pens people have asked for. So, if you see something here you really like, don't hesitate to contact me and have a pen custom-made.

Oh! And make me viral! Share this blog with your friends and family. Pens make touching, beautiful and useful gifts. You never know who's looking for that one-of-a-kind present for the special someone in his or her life.

I hope you enjoy your visit!