Sunday, August 17, 2014

Returning soon!

Oh so close.

So the move is almost complete, and my new production center is almost set up. Just need a few more touches, like lights above the lathe and electricity within reach of the tools.

The funniest part from posting this picture on the Pen Turner’s facebook page were all the comments about how clean it looked! So I guess it is time to make a mess. Still need to get my new Shop Smith brought up from the in-laws’ house before I can start drilling, but I brought a few pre-drilled or partly completed pens with me.

Really looking forward to turning these acrylic blanks I made with my new pressure pot. I also have a vacuum pot on the way to make some stabilized wood with funky colors mingled into the grain and filling voids. I wonder what termite-tunneled wood filled with colored resin would look like? Hmm… Have to find some of that and find out!

So be on the lookout in the near future for some new things from Hope & Grace! Oh, and don't forget, I'm still honoring the "PATRIOTSGET10" coupon code for a limited time!

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