Saturday, July 5, 2014

Aaaaaand we're BACK!

Ok, we're not entirely back.

After a marathon 42-hour trek from Japan to Virginia, we arrived exhausted but happy to be once
Grace and I endure a 42-hour journey home.
again with family. As we spend our days getting through jet lag and trying (not too successfully) to get sleep schedules assimilated, the gross of packages we mailed to ourselves from Iwakuni are slowly rolling in.

So far two boxes of the Hope & Grace Pens inventory have arrived, mostly the ring boxes with a few other sundries like the clocks and some coin racks. As the packages roll in, I'll keep putting what has arrived back up for sale. Of course, this might happen at 4 a.m. since my body's still tuned to Japan time. So keep checking back for your favorite items!

And to help get things started again, I'll honor the PATRIOTSGET10 coupon code to anyone for a limited time for 10% off any order.
Hope excited to be almost home (with her ninja sleep mask).

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