Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Glow in the dark pens - start to finish

A client recently contacted me to have some custom pens made, which I was happy to do. She had found herself the proud owner of two glow in the dark pen blanks, which, if you don't actually make pens, are pretty useless by themselves.

She mailed them off to me and chose the settings. Once I had everything I needed, I started working on her order. Here's an abbreviated photo-journal of making her order. I hope you enjoy it!

Blanks cut to size and laid out with their respective kits.

The blanks are drilled to accommodate the brass tubes.

Brass tubes glued in place.

Edges are sanded off. 

The turning begins!

Turning continues ...

Now the drudgery. Sanding.

Buffed and polished, the parts are all laid out for assembly

And here they are!

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