Monday, March 14, 2016

Start to Finish for Ghostly

So I have a client in Bahrain. It's a wonderful place and I've been there many times. The people were all very nice, despite the crazy hot temperature. She wrote me to say that a friend admired her pen -- part of a pen and letter opener set -- so much that she GAVE it to the friend.

 Can you imagine? So after ordering a replacement in the same wood, she tells me now the friend wants a similar pen.

She chose the same style of setting, but in gold with leaves, and she liked the wood on an image we found online. I happened to have something similar, a buckeye burl that's going to be gorgeous.

And now that the kit is here I can begin work. So here's part one of the journey!

First the blank is measured and cut. with lines carefully placed to re-match the grain when it's assembled.

Now the wood is drilled out at 8mm, the size of the tubes for this kit.

The tubes are scored to give the glue something to hold onto, coated in CA glue and slid into place. Now they'll wait overnight for the adhesive to set.

Here's a link to Part II.

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