Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who are you, anyway?

Well, the results are in!

Last blog post, I asked my clients to take a short survey asking who they are. While it's not too late to take it (please do if you haven't!), I thought you might be interested in the results.
So without further ado ...

My clients are overwhelmingly female: 70% vs. 29%. This confirms what I've known for years: I'm a ladies man (just kidding, Brenda).

The largest group in the age range was 40-49 with 23%. Other age ranges were about even, the exception being 18-20, who were only 5%. So I'm not popular with the kids.

Almost half of my clients are married. The majority (58%) rent or lease their homes.

The majority, 51%, have a bachelor's degree or higher. Good on you. Smart crowd. You're in good company.

60% are employed full time, 12% part-time, and 15% are retired. 12% are looking for work or disabled/unable to work with 0% not working/not looking. So we've got a good, hard-working, red-blooded crowd out there. 'Merica.

I won't post the stats for average income, but I will say that many of you are doing quite well. Tell your friends about Hope & Grace Pens. ;-)

52% of you placed your order as a gift for a loved one, with 32% ordering for themselves. 14% ordered for a friend or acquaintance. I've always said handcrafted pens make great gifts (even for yourself)!

Most of my clients ordered in plenty of time or had no rush. 18% plan ahead like I do and were under the gun. No worries. I ship quickly.

And finally, I had LOTS of great suggestions and kudos in the comments question. In the weeks ahead, I intend to incorporate many of your suggestions. So be on the lookout for those. Thank you all for your input and continued patronage!

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