Friday, October 3, 2014

Pen Making, Start to Finish, Part 6

Photography, the final step. I choose a background and any props and take four or five good images
of the pen so potential online clients know exactly what they're getting. Then the pen gets posted online at my Articents and Etsy stores.

So how long did this all take? How much special equipment do you need? Well, those are hard questions to answer, especially using my phased, multi-day process with drying overnight and working on a project piecemeal.

Scrolling back through all these images and doing some mental math, I'd say about three to three and a half hours total production time, including setting up machines, etc, over about four days. Of course that's a conservative estimate and I do spend a lot of time fooling around and considering things. And it doesn't count my time editing the photographs and writing descriptions (and blog entries) and such.

As far as equipment, all you really need is a lathe, a drill, some gouges, bushings and sandpaper. I like having the rest because I really enjoy making pens and they make things easier.

So now you've seen the entire process, from block of wood to fine writing instrument. I hope you've enjoyed the journey!

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