Monday, September 22, 2014

Wenge wood desk set

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this fine desk set.

Sorry to break up the demonstration of my pen making process, but I had to pause for the cause. This set is too much. Besides, I'm waiting right now for some parts I'll need to finish that other pen.

So when I realized I didn't have the bushings I need, I finished up this partially-completed desk set. In fact, you can see it in progress in the background of one of the images from last post. Those of you who've been following along know that it's been a LONG time since I've been able to produce some nice wood turnings due to the move and trying to get set back up and all.

This set was very frustrating. I had to strip the letter opener down because the first finish was cloudy. Then upon assembling the pen I discovered the tube had expanded and wouldn't receive the middle piece. So it took a little massaging and coaxing, but I got the set together.

And I'm trying something new with the stylus addition. Other sets have featured a magnifying glass. But I use my stylus quite a lot and thought it would be a great third accessory to this set.

The wood is wenge (pronounced "When-gay"). It has a very dark, porous grain that alternates between dark brown and almost black in waves (best seen in the photo below). It has a classic, subtle look and a fine feel to it.

All three pieces feature a beautiful textured gloss finish that gives durable protection to the wood while giving a natural-grain feel. Coupled with the floral setting and contrasting dark and chrome look, this is a captivating desk set.

So, enjoy looking. I'll be back with more processing pictures soon!

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