Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blogging is hard.

This is hard!
Who knew blogging could be such hard work?
As anyone following knows, it's been forever and a day since a real blog entry here. In fact, the past several posts have simply been videos on reading stands and such. So let me just make a quick entry to keep you updated on what's been going on lately, just "dipping my toes" back in the water, so to speak.
Well, the biggest thing going on right now is the upcoming Craft and Info Fair in Iwakuni March
22nd. As always, it's sneaking up on me and I've got to get hot on the lathe to get some work pumped out. Styluses are always popular at these events, so you'll see a plethora of them coming online in the next couple weeks. I've got about 16 or so in prep waiting to be turned, including three or four wooden ones and some really nice acrylics.

I've also been working on an order for Shannon R., who liked the Mach 3 shaving razor handle she bought for her husband so much she ordered NINE more for friends and family. Then she wrote again to ask for another for herself!

And you may have noticed many book safes coming online recently. I just can't stop making them, but I'll save that for another blog entry!

Thanks for checking in!

I want to know! Do you blog? How do you stay on top of it???

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