Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to make a custom pen order

How to order a Custom-Made pen
from Hope & Grace Pens

So you like what you see? Great! I'd love to customize a pen just for you. 

To ensure you and I are communicating accurately, follow the four simple steps below.

1) Choose your setting.
  • Looking only at the metal hardware, choose the style and color you like best from any of my previous work or any other pen you see online (no guarantee I can use it, but I'll try). Make a note of the hyperlink to the setting you'd like.

2) Choose your pattern or design.
  • Looking only at the wood or acrylic body of the pen, make notes of patterns or designs that you like. Copy hyperlinks to examples of these if available, or provide clear, simple instructions.
  • Note the colors, patterns and pen body shape you prefer.
  • Know that each and every pen produced is one of a kind. I can duplicate techniques and patterns, but no two pens will ever be exactly alike.

3) Provide simple, clear instructions for customization(s).

  • I'm happy to customize products for you. Know that everything we produce is done by hand. We pride ourselves in not resorting to laser engravers and the like. Most names or symbols will be wood-burned into the body of your pen by hand. Provide clear, simple instructions of what you'd like. Example: "I'd like the name "Dr. Stout" to be wood-burned into the wood body of the upper portion of the pen."

4) Contact me with Barney-style instructions (remember, I am a Marine. Try to use monosyllabic words when possible).

Example: "Hi, Bryce. I'd like to custom order a gift for my niece, whose birthday is in two months. 
Setting: Please use the gold twist pen setting seen here (link http://link). 
Design: I'd like it done in a light-colored wood like oak or poplar with a dark Celtic knot like this one: (link http://link) on just the bottom portion
Custom: The name "Megan" wood-burned into the upper portion using a flowing script."

Things to know:
  • I will never ask for payment up front. Only order products you truly love when I have posted images online.
  • It will probably take two to six weeks to complete your pen(s), depending on a number of factors, including ordering special parts or woods, the number of custom orders ahead of yours, the difficulty/intricacy of your design, and other factors.
  • Estimates are just that: an estimate of what the final cost of production will be. The final price could be greater or lesser than the estimate.
    • Price is determined by a computer formula that factors a) cost of materials, b) difficulty of design, c) hours to produce.
  • Your order is guaranteed to please you. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Hope & Grace Pen product, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund minus shipping. Please tell me why you're returning the item so I can strive to make future clients happy, and do give me the opportunity to make the right product for you.

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